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I grew up in the small capital city of Belmopan, where everyone knew their neighbors, and at that time, there was only one school at every level of education – primary and secondary. I was part of a large Roman Catholic Garifuna family, which meant attending church every Sunday morning, participating in Novenas and reciting Rosaries. I even became an acolyte, which colloquially is called an altar server.

My best skill is thinking outside the box to solve intractable problems.

As one of the founders and leaders at Legacy, my job is to provide the team with the Vision, Mission, and grounding Values of the firm. Concurrently, I lay out the reality of the situation while also emphasizing the power of hope and hard, intelligent work to overcome challenges. Finally, my role is to create the enabling environment to accomplish the team’s goals.

Our dream and aspiration at Legacy is to leave our kids a better world than we received from our parents and to inspire them to do the same.

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Managing Director | Founding Partner

Investment Services


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