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City Of Belmopan

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“Comfort is the enemy of growth, Get uncomfortable”

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Finance and Economics


Belize City


Music, Traveling

Growing up on the south side of Belize City, I attended Grace Primary School, which laid the foundation for my passion for music and the arts. It was there that I first discovered the steelpan, an instrument I’ve been playing for nearly three decades. From those early days to now, my journey with the steelpan has taken me across stages worldwide, and for that reason, Grace Primary School remains a cherished part of my story.

With a background in commercial and regulatory banking, stemming over 12 years, I have developed a strong aptitude for finance. This expertise extends into my leadership roles both within and outside the office, where I consistently leverage my skills to drive success. Earning my Masters Degree in Europe has further enriched my skill set and global perspectives.

Working at Legacy has been a meaningful journey filled with stimulating challenges, especially in my capacity as Executive Producer of the Legacy Markets Business Show. It has encouraged me to think innovatively and unlock my potential, while making valuable contributions. Beyond my work as a professional, being at Legacy has also been a profound commitment to representing and uplifting Belize, which has certainly been rewarding for my personal journey.

I aspire to become a business entrepreneur who not only achieves success but also gives back to my community. My dream is to create innovative ventures that make a positive impact. I am passionate about leveraging business as a force for good, and I hope to build enterprises that prioritize sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical practices.

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